Affordable Spas

Manufacturing Techniques & Features

This page includes the descriptions of custom features and manufacturing techniques that make every Affordable Spa a best-buy!

  1. Acrylic Surface
    A varity of quality next generation Lycite finishes are now offered by Affordable Spas. You may select from most vibrant acrylic colors, finishes and textures ever offered by Lucite. Click here to view our color pallet with the beautiful Lustre Series, Luster Granite Series and the Celestial Granite Series all fearuring the latest antibacterial agent, Microban®. The Natural Granite Series is available without Microban®.

  2. Spa Shells
    The Lycite resin and fiberglass we use to build this Affordable Spa is of marine grade quality standards. This helps us ensure that only the best materials are going into our spa shells. Before we apply the hand-rolled coats of fiberglass on every spa shell. We first apply by hand, the base coat of a specially formulated resin that is used to bond to plastics. This resin is called Vinyl Ester. Secondly, the structural fiberglass will adhere itself to the Vinyl Ester, giving us the strongest bond possible. The 20 year warrany on the spa shell fiberglass membrane and the five year warrany on the spa shell say volumes about how long into the future you be enjoying your Affordable Spa.

    Wood Molding Machine

  3. Wood Mill
    Affordable Spas
    are the first and only spa cabinets milled and manufactured in-house. By bringing this process in-house, we can control the quality of our redwood panels or what we call skirt panels. Unlike other manufacturers, we do not depend on mills for the wood to be designed or molded. We purchase the raw lumber and finish it to a furniture grade quality unmatched by any manufacturer.

  4. Support Frames
    All Affordable Spas are supported by the strongest frames possible. Our frames are made entirely out pressure treated 2" x 3" studs. These studs will not only support the entire weight of the spa with water and its occupants, but it can also resist mildew, rotting, moisture, and pests. The frames are bolted to the spa by using wood blocks that are fiber-glassed to the spa shell. This will keep the spa in its place, especially during freight and delivery.

  5. Insulation
    Affordable Spas
    are the only spas on the market that use 5 different insulating materials working together to better insulate the spa from heat loss and reduce sound and vibration. We call this process the Affordable Spas Insulation™.
    1. Winter-Pak Foam™;
    is a polyurethane foam that we spray on the under-side of the spa shell and on all of the plumbing fixtures, hoses, and lines preventing heat loss and securing various items together to reduce vibration. The R-value on Affordable Spas is about an R-19.
    2. Hot Air Space™;
    is an engineered gap or space of air in between the Winter-Pak Foam™ and the Thermos-Foil Insulation™ on the skirt panels. This space of air is needed to let the pumps breathe. In addition, the hot air that is exhausted from the pumps circulates around the Winter-Pak Foam™ and in between of the Thermos-Foil Insulation™. Creating an additional insulator. By using what otherwise has been wasted energy, we have collected and stored this energy and converted it into the second part of our 5 insulating system materials.
    (Side view of a panel showing (right to left) the Thermos-foil insulation, plywood backing, and finally the tongue and groove redwood siding or could be the Endless Glass Panels™)
    3. Thermos-Foil Insulation™;
    Shown to the left in purple, is an insulating air bubble wrap sandwiched between two heat reflective foil sheets that are attached to the interior side of the cabinet panels. The hot exhausted air from the Hot Air Space now circulates in between the Winter-Pak Foam™ and the Thermos-Foil Insulation™, creating a double-pane window effect. The radiant heat of the pumps, heater and the spa's plumbing reflects off the inside facing foil and is reflected back to the spa. Likewise, is the outside facing foil, which reflects the radiant heat from the sun out into the atmosphere. The air-bubbles trapped in between the reflective foils, is another trapped air space like the Hot Air Space which adds to further insulate the spa and each panel.
    4. Plywood Backing;
    is added to the skirt panels. Engineered to further increase energy effeciency and cut operating cost by creating an air-tight insulation system, Affordable Spas raised the bar with the industry's highest structural stability and durability standards.
    5. Hot Air Space™ Panels;
    of Grade A redwood siding or the newest technology, Endless Glass Panels™ , complete the spa finish with beautiful skirt paneling, but its also the final insulating factor before the spa's heat is lost into the atmosphere.

  6. Endless Glass Panels™
    Affordable Spas is proud to announce the newest of its creations, the only spa on the market to offer a truly beautiful long lasting maintenance-free synthetic spa skirt, the Endless Glass Panels™. This revolutionary new spa skirting is made entirely of the same quality marine grade materials that go into making our spa shells, fiberglass boat and yacht hulls. The Endless Glass Panels™ consist of the four side panels (fully removable), four round corners, and a one-piece top rail. These components are molded in our factory out of marine grade gelcoat (available in red or gray), hand rolled fiberglass and still backed by the plywood backing (for strength) and the Thermos-Foil Insulation™ (for added insulation). This skirting is also the strongest and most durable of any synthetic or composite spa skirting on the market. If the Endless Glass Panels™ were scratched or chipped in service, it can be easily repaired. Minor surface repair to our competitors cabinet panels made of high-density foam, extruded PVC, vinyl, etc, may not be possible if damaged. Maintenance on the Endless Glass Panels™ is the easiest of all. If the skirting were to get dirty, all you will need to do is hose it off with your garden hose. It is that easy. The Endless Glass Panels are only available on the Ixtapa, San Augustine, Mojave, Atlantis and Pharaoh models. The Endless Glass Panels™ are the future of spa skirting, and you can get them only on Affordable Spas.

    Endless Glass Panels™

  7. Bottom Shields
    All Affordable Spas have a plastic shield on the bottom of all our spas to shield it from pests and the weather. This shield also finishes off the spa for a cleaner finished look.

  8. Affordable Ultimate Filtration System™
    Most Affordable Spas come equipped with our standard easy access top loaded dual filters. In addition to last year's skimmer door with dual 60 square foot filters, we made a great leap in making crystal clear spa water by quadrupling the filter capacity. New for 2003, on select models, we are proud to introduce the Affordable Ultimate Filtration System™ with an unheard-of total filtration capacity of 240 square feet. By developing new filters and an in-house molding technology, we have been able to double the filter area with the use of two 120 square foot elements. This means that you can use your spa longer without having to constantly check and clean your filters.
    We also added a skimmer door to the front of our massive new dual filters. The skimmer door was added to draw and keep the dirt and debris in the filter bay instead of in your spa. Another benefit of the skimmer door is that dirt is not accidently dropped into your clean spa when you remove or change the filters. Simply remove the filter lid for access to the filters (ice bucket and cup holders) and you can remove the filter elements from the filter bay while any dirt or debrit in the water stays in the filter bay. When you insert the cleaned or new filter elements and turn on the spa, the dirty water trapped in the filter bay is drawn back to the filters, where it belongs.

  9. Continuous Filtering+ Systems™
    Most Affordable Spas can also be equipped with our Continuous Filtering+ Systems™ (standard in the 60 Jet Supreme Series spas) also known as a 24-hour circulation systems. However, we have a couple extra features that the others do not have. We use an effecient high-volume 48-frame pump that we developed exclusively for 24-hour circulation systems. This pump is larger and in a side by side comparison is a more efficient circulation pump than those used on other spas. Other spa brands use a small aquarium-like pump that can only do about half the job our system can. Our high-volumne circulation pump can filter about 50 gallons of water per minute using only about 6.3 amps on 230v. and still has plenty of muscle to heat, ozone, and circulate the water while others can only draw half that much water through the filter. The Continuous Filtering+ System™ has four different jobs working together to keep your water clean.
    1. Filters the water. The circulation pump pulls its water through the filters, creating a skimming action. This skimming action pushes dirt from the bottom of the spa to the surface and catches the contaminants in the filters where they should be.
    2. Heats the water. After the water has gone through the filters, the water is now pumped through the NT-4000 Heater™. The NT-4000 Heater™ will only heat the water whenever the sensors ask for heat. The water is heated more efficiently, because the water is pumped through the NT-4000 Heater™ at a constant and controlled rate of flow. The NT-4000 Heater™ is standard on the Continuous Filtering+ System™.
    3. Affordable Ozone System™. Then 1/3 of the water is diverted to our Affordable Ozone System™ to help oxidize contaminants in the water. This helps to reduce your use of chlorine or bromine by as much as 50%. See section K for additional info.
    4. Circulate the water. The remaining 2/3 of the water is pumped back into the bottom of the spa. The heated, filtered and ozone purified water comes up from the bottom of the spa, moving the water around the spa and eventually back into the filters. This is how our Continuous Filtering+ System™ works to make your Affordable Spa the cleanest most enjoyable spas on the market.

  10. Summer Logic
    A standard feature on Affordable Spas equipped with the Continuous Filtering System. Summer Logic is a safety feature is designed to prevent accidental scalding or spa damage. This program also helps maintain the water temperature in areas where the outside air temperature exceeds the desired water temperature you set on the control panel. Here's how Summer Logic works. Simply stated, whenever the spa's water temperature is 2-3 degrees above that of the thermostat's setting, a warning message flashes on the digital top side control panel, the circulation pump is disabled, and it will not turn the pump back on until the water's temperature is back down to the thermostat's setting.

  11. Affordable Ozone System™
    • Ozone Generator: The Affordable Ozone System™ starts with the ozone generator. The ozone generator we use on our Affordable Spas is a CD chip ozone generator developed by DEL Industries. The CD stands for Corona Discharge, which produces ozone by passing air through a corona. As the air passes through the corona it causes the two oxygen atoms (in normal oxygen molecule O2) to split into two free roaming oxygen atoms (O1). Then one of the free roaming oxygen atoms collides with a normal oxygen molecule (O2) and attaches itself, creating an ozone molecule (O3). And this is ozone, the addition of an extra highly accelerated oxygen atom to the normal oxygen molecule (O2). The third oxygen atom (O1) is the oxidizer that will attack the bacteria's cell wall, and neutralizing it. Then the sanitizer (chlorine or bromine) destroys the bacteria.
    • Ozone Injector: Affordable Spas uses the patented Mazzei® Ozone Injector to start our ozone purification system. The patented design of the Mazzei® Ozone Injector receives the filtered water and pushes it through the injector body, where it creates a vacuum that pulls the ozone gas from the ozone generator and mixes the gas and water together. The mixture is then sent through a 6 foot mixing line to keep the ozone gas mixing with the water.
    • Affordable Ozone Exchange Loop™: After the ozone gas and water mixture travels through the mixing line, the mixture enters The Ozone Exchange Loop. What is the Affordable Ozone Exchange Loop™? Developed for Affordable Spas, the mixing loop that further breaks down the ozone gas into even small gas bubbles to increase the purification of the water. When the mixture enters the loop it immediately falls and begins to breakdown the ozone gas. After the ozone gas is further mixed with the water, the mixture now travels up the loop, and finally exits the loop and out to the mixing line for about another 10 feet to keep the mixture in contact with the water until it enters the spa.
    • Ozone Floor Jet/Drain: After the mixture of ozone gas and water has exited the Ozone Exchange Loop and through the mixing line the final destination is to reenter the spa's main body of water. The mixture enters the spa through the Ozone Floor Jet/Drain, which is located at the bottom-center of the spa. By introducing the mixture to the bottom of the spa, this gives the ozone gas the last place to fuse the remaining ozone gas with the water. You will be able to see the bubbles travel up from the Ozone Floor Jet/Drain at the bottom of the spa to the surface. The Ozone Floor Jet/Drain is also the bottom drain. When you drain your Affordable Spa, 80% of the water goes out through this drain.

  12. NT-4000 Heater™
    Affordable Spas introduces the newest technology water heater. The NT-4000 Heater™ (NT = No Touch) is made entirely of stainless steel. By manufacturing this heater out one kind of metal, makes it the most efficient spa heater made. This nearly bulletproof heater is far less likely to fail do to owner error or neglect. While most spa heaters come with a 2 year warranty, the NT-4000 Heater™ is warranted for 5 years (a seperate limited warranty comes with your spa's owners information package)..

    The cost of heating a spa with the NT-4000 is also lower than that of regular spa heater because the NT-4000 was designed with each heater element enclosed in its own stainless steel heat-exchanger.

    Thus the NT-4000 Heater™ does not contact the water nor chemicals. This means that you will use less of the chemical "Metal Gone". Your heater will last longer without the metalic build up that forms on the heater elements insulating them from the water while robbing their performance and reducing their life span. The NT-4000 Heater™ uses just 4000 watts and runs off 230 volts. In addition, the elements we use on our NT-4000 Heater™ are straight, not bent like regular spas heaters. These elements are straight because when a heating element is bent it losses its efficiency, about 10% at every bend. This is why the NT-4000 Heater™ is your best choice and used on Affordable Spas premier spa lines and available as an option on our economical spa lines. Ask us about availability.

  13. Air Bleed System™
    Another, feature of Affordable Spas is our Air Bleed System™. This system prevents air locks in the pumps and in the heater's exchange tube. The system is used to remove air that may be trapped in the heater or pumps after draining and re-filling your spa. As the new water fills the spa, you open the valve and the trapped air will escape from the system. It's that easy. This system can save pumps from destroying seals and burning bearings on the motors. Heaters will last longer since no air is trapped in its exchange tube causing it to fail.

  14. Pumps and Motors
    Affordable Spas uses pumps made from the industries largest and most reliable spa pump manufacturer, Aqua-Flo 56 frame. These pumps are made to push the maximum amount of water at a constant pressure, while using the least amount of amps. For example: our new 5.0 Peak Horsepower (3.0 Continuous Duty) pump can pump about 207.4 gpm (gallons per minute) at 13.3 psi (pounds per square inch), while drawing 11.5 amps at 230 volts.

    You might be wondering what is Peak Horsepower? Peak Horsepower is the rating used to measure the initial start-up horsepower that the motor has for the first few second when it starts (most spa manufacturers use the Peak Horsepower rating for their marketing). Then the motor will go to Continuous Duty, which is the motor's true horsepower. When you ask a salesperson about Peak Horsepower on a spa, remember to ask them for the Continuous Duty Horsepower. Also, ask them for the amp draw of each pump on high speed. High speed on a pump is the best massage. Remember to take into consideration, try to buy a spa with a pump(s) that can pump out the most water at about 13 to 15 psi, but with the lowest amp draw. High amperage pump(s) may be able to pump out more water, but are you willing to pay more a month for a pump that only sounds like a great deal? Most spa brands just tell you about the high Peak Horsepower and never mention the flow rates and usually never tell you about the amperage draw. Ask the dealers about Peak Horsepower, continuous duty horsepower, flow rate, psi readings, and amp draws. Most knowledgeable dealers should know this or ask to see a brochure. is information. Just something to take into consideration. 

  15. Supercharger Air System™
    Affordable Spas were the first spas to introduce and use as standard equipment on selected packages our Supercharger Air System™. This system uses an air pump we call the Supercharger that injects pressurized air to one or two valves. These valves divert the air into two or more banks of jets. The pressurized air is injected into the jets giving the jets a stronger more penetrating muscle relaxing experience. Our Supercharger Air System™ will make every jet in the spa more powerful than any other spa on the market, but remember it is only when you want it. One other feature on the Supercharger Air System is that all the air that the jets draw is going through the Supercharger itself. So after the Supercharger has been running for a while, the motor is very hot. Well to cool the motor down so it may last longer, the air that the jets draw goes through the Supercharger and cools it down. Remember that all the air that is introduced into the spa comes from the Hot Air Space™. Therefore, no cold outside air can cool the spa's water down.

  16. Barb-Clamping System™
    Affordable Spas is one of the first spas to benefit from the barb clamp system as used in aerospace hydrolic systems. However, we have improved the barb system and developed special proceedures to fit our plumbing designs. We produce the only spas that use the following procedure. All PVC fittings, jets, manifolds, and hoses are primered, glued, and clamped on every barbed connection in the system. This procedure, the Barb-Clamping System™, creates a solid, permanent, virtually leak-free joint. Here at Affordable Spas, spa leaks are now just a thing of the past.

    Oversized pressure hose (blue) & oversized suction hose (red) shown here with the stainless steel clamps. Also, coming in from the top are the pump 1 jet hose (blue) & the pump 2 jet hose (green) all clamped with their own double wire clamps. All using our Barb-Clamping System™.

  17. Oversized Main Hose
    Leak prevention technology is used by Affordable Spas with a new oversized main water transfer hose. The oversized hose, with Barb-Clamping, is coupled with a primer, glue, and a stainless steel worm driven clamp to all the large 2" and 2 ½" suctions, filters, pumps, unions, diverter valves, and heater unions to prevent leaks in the most pressure stressed points in the system. Since, some of our pumps can pump over 207.4 gallons per minute and is instances at over an outstanding 21-psi through our plumbing system.

  18. 100% Water Test
    Every spa at Affordable Spas is water tested before we apply our Winter-Pak Foam™ insulation. If we find a leak or a problem with a component, it is repaired and re-tested. Some other manufacturers only water test one out of every 5 or 10 spas. Their customers water test the majority of thier spas so they keep the production line moving faster. They can produce more spas and you can get the leak fixed later, at their convenience. Think about it, if the spa leaks you have to take a day off to meet the technician just so they can get more spas made. We will take the extra time to finish the spa right the first time and our customers are happy that we did.

    We at Affordable Spas know that we have given you a lot of information about our manufacturing techniques and features. Quite a lot to read and take in all at once. However, you can compare our spa features with others and contact us if you have any questions. Take your time, a spa purchase should be a responsible and happy occasion.

    Thank you for taking the time to understand what goes into Affordable Spas.

    Remember a soaking in a spa will help you:

    Relax your body.
    Repair worn muscle, tendons, and/or joints.
    Sooth your mind of the every day bumps in life.
    Communicate with your loved ones.

Hydrotherapy at its Best

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