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Whether you are replacing your old equipment or building this on your new spa, we have found after 21 years that Balboa, SpaBuilders, Gecko, Hydro-Quip and Pinnacle are by far the best and most reliable equipment manufacturers on the market today!

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When installing these new equipment packs, we recommend adding a couple of gate valves to make future service easier. This will allow you to service spa equipment without the need to drain the spa!

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Two - Year Limited Warranty

Any part of the spa equipment and control package found to be defective in material or workmanship in the reasonable judgement of Pinnacle Products, Inc. (Division of United Leisure Industries) will, at its sole option, be repaired or replaced by Pinnacle Products, Inc. (Division of United Leisure Industries) or an authorized service dealer within the terms of this warranty.
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Pinnacle "Subterranean" Indoor/Outdoor Spa Package

This is ideal for any indoor or outdoor installation: in-deck, in-ground, or where the spa is located below the level of the equipment.
  • "Rain Tite" Cabinet
  • Model E Operates Identical to an Underskirt Pack, i.e. Auto and Timer Modes
  • Model EO Provides the Option of 24 hour Timer Control or Continuous Circulation.
  • "Lite" Touch Air Switches Standard for Installations Utilizing up to 70' feet of Air Tubing from Equipment to Spa
  • Equipment May be Remote From Spa Without Expensive and Troublesome Electronic Controls
  • Pump Option - 1, 1.5, or 2 HP - 48 frame or 56 frame, Single or Two Speed, With or Without Hair and Lint Pots
  • Single Pump or Two Pump Systems Available
  • Filter of your choice
  • UL Listing.

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Pinnacle Model C Spa Pak
(one 3hp, 2 speed pump system)
$1,254.00 (two 3hp, pump system)

The model "C" eliminates the need for after market components that don't perform as well and, usually result in less than adequate installations. This is a complete system designed to handle the heavy demands of today's portable spas. This newly engineered spa pak can be manufactured to fit any spa configuration, from a single pump voltage convertible unit, to a straight 240 volt two pump system. As an added feature it has a built in ozonator!

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Pinnacle Model B Spa Pak

(one 3hp, 2 speed pump system)
$1,199.00 (two 3hp, pump system)

Pinnacle Products introduces their new Model "B" spa equipment system. This is a complete low profile system engineered to handle the heavy demands of today's portable spas. Available in one and two pump systems! This Model "B" is U.L. compliant recognized and E.T.L.. listed for use in portable spas. Our most commonly used "Pak". When it comes to spa equipment, choose Pinnacle!

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Easy front access for future service ability.

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Pinnacle Model A Spa Pak
The model "A" is used for low profile applications. When it comes to spa equipment, choose Pinnacle!

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Topside Control

This Pinnacle topside control is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. It can have the option of a red L.E.D. temperature readout that can be factory installed, and U.L. component recognized for use with portable spas.

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Full Motion Graphics Topside Control

This new full motion graphic control can be configured to operate one, two, or even three pump systems, (not including the option of a 24 hour circulation pump.) In addition, this new system can offer three speed blowers, and a three brightness light setting.

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Magic Plastic's gate valves make maintenance, service and upgrades a snap!

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