Affordable Spas
Affordable Spas
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Available Spa Colors


The Aurora

84" x 84", 37" deep
415 gallons, 460 lbs. shipping weight



The Aurora is a wide open, no lounger, 7 foot hot tub with more room than many 8 foot spas. Check out the huge corner seat!


Available configurations:

One 3hp pump, 15 jets

One 4.5hp pump, 20 jets

Two 3hp pumps, 32 jets

Two 4.5hp pumps, 55 jets


Call for special price!



The Sunbelt Tornado








The Tornado
from the Sunbelt Storm Series

66 x 84 x 34
235 gallons
Clear waterfall
18 color mood light


This spa has a Stress Relief Shoulder & Neck Jet Collar
and a Smart Water Complete Sanitation System
including an ozone and in-line chemical feeder.

Call for special price!




This One of a kind Spa is loaded!! 156 JETS!!
8' x 12', 41" Deep, 750 gallons

Lounge Seating 2

Wave Seating 4

Massage Seats 10156 Jets

2 Volcano jets

LED Lighting

Hard Cover with locks

Water Pump - 5 HP / 2 Speed

Cabinet is No Maintenance

CD Ozonator

2 trickle Waterfalls!!

Four 5hp pumps, 156 jets

Call for Incredible Pricing !



New Just out!


93"W x 144"L x 52H

Contest Swimspa

This spa has room for your friends. Cheer each other on and then relax in the captain chair. This can also be a great place to have your friends come by and all sit and enjoy.

Avalanche, This Great Swim Spa is On Special this month!!
$12,995.00 plus Shipping and Crate Fee.
List is $14,995,00

If you are looking for competition or to party, this is the swimspa for you. Your friends can relax with you or cheer you on. There is plenty of room for all of it.

  • Control Pack With Digital Top Side Control
  • 30 Sunblaster Stainless Steel Jets
  • 2 Top Load Skim Filters
  • 2 5-HP Pumps
  • 4 VGB Suctions
  • 28 Pinpoint LED Lights Throughout
  • 10 Laminar Waterspouts
  • 1 Corona Discharge Ozone
  • 4 Waterspout LED
  • 1 Main LED Light
  • iPod Docking Station with Pop-Up Speakers
  • 6 Air Controls
  • 2 Diverters
  • Pillows Installed
    1 Waterspout Control Valve
  • 4 Waterway Swim Jets

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The 2000 gallon SWIM MASTER Combo Spa has a 4' 5" deep end which provides you with maximum swimming capacity.

14' 7" x 8' 1", 53" Deep, 2000 gallons.
2250 lbs. Shipping Weight.
18,670 lbs. Filled Weight + occupants.


SWIM MASTER, click for blow-up
Click Here for Blow Up of Swim Master Combo

Swim Master swim spa

This Commercial Grade Spa is now available for residential installations.

Sold Elsewhere at up to $22,000.00

New Options for Swim Spas

Rowing Exercise Kit. $495.00
Resistance Tether Kit. $350.00
MP3 Dock Transducer Audio System $299.00
Deluxe AM/FM/CD/ MP3 Transducer Audio System with Floating Remote. $599.00
Cover Mate II Extension bars for Cover. $295.00 each
Swim Spa Steps. $515.00
11 KW Heater upgrade $695.00
Swim Lane Jets (6 Each Side added) $350.00
Badu Stream Jet System UPGRADE $2,695.00

Fully Loaded Deluxe Model
BUY NOW!!!! $16,995.00



Fully stocked, the SWIM MASTER is equipped with both the 4 High Volume Turbo-Thrust Swim-Jet system and the 23 Hydro-Jet Therapy system all in one Value-Added package. We install 4 high volume Turbo-Thrust swim jets with diverter valves so that you control the flow and the intensity of your workout. The therapy package includes 10 Luxury Cyclone Roto Jets, 9 Luxury Cyclone Pulsator Jets, 4 Micro Cyclone Jets and 14 Air Blower Injection Jets for the ultimate in cool-down therapy and relaxation after your workout.

We also build this spa with just the swim package or just the therapy package. At your request, we can also build the portable SWIM MASTER in any custom configuration to meet your individual needs, in-ground setup included.

We have great Swim Spa Prices! Click for more swim spas.

Standard equipment on the Fully Stocked Swim Master include: Quiet, Powerful and Energy Efficient commercial grade 56 Frame Pump motors. Two Dual-Speed 5 hp pumps for the Therapy Jet system and Two Dual-Speed 5hp pumps for the Swim Jet system, our exclusive 200 sq. foot Pure Water 100% filtration system, the top of the line Digital Control Center, a high output ozone generator. A stainless steel 11 kw pool heater (150,000 BTU Gas heater optional), Synthetic Cabinet and ABS bottom, availabe in Redwood, Mahagony, or Gray Slate colors. LED Lighting system with 24 spots and 2 LED waterfalls. Pillows in bucket seats. A 4"-2" tapered hard cover with locks and handles.



Fully Loaded Deluxe Model This Month Only, BUY NOW!!!! $16,995.00
Fully Stocked, four 5 HP Pumps, 27 Jets.

Swim Spa Colors are....
Caribbean Blue, Sierra, Sterling Silver.

Economy Package Only $14,995.00





The Telluride

97" x 97", 37" deep
500 Gallons.
585 lbs. Shipping Weight

Corona, click for Blow-up


This 8' foot Corona Octagon portable spa has it all. A favorite non-lounger with digital topside, and an ozone injection system.

The Corona can also be special ordered as a pre-plumbed spa for custom in-ground installations.

One 5hp. pump, 20 jets $5,975.00
Two 5hp. pumps, 30 jets $6,850.00



15'7" x 8' 1", 53" Deep, 2000 gallons
2000 lbs. Shipping Weight
19,000 lbs. Filled weight + occupants.
Lots of FUN!

Grand Cayman Swim Spa


THIS SWIM SPA is loaded with all the bell and whistles.

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. Wow

The Grand Cayman
The serious swimmer’s dream delight! Over 15 1/2 feet long, with dual Badu Stream Swim Jets and the unique Swim Lane System of side jets. The Grand Cayman is tailor-made for the swimming enthusiast. The Badu Stream jets create currents from a gentle flow - perfect for water jogging and resistance exercises - up to a 400 GPM rush that will give serious recreational swimmers a chance to really let out their stroke. After a good swim, relax with a soothing massage in one of the two multi-jet Captain’s Chairs at the spa end


If your looking for a true Swim Spa,
this one is it.

15 Massage Jets * 16 Swim Lane Side Jets * 2 BADU Stream Swim Jets CALL FOR PRICING




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