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Swim Spa


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We now offer our commercial grade Swim Spas to the public at near wholesale prices.

Swim Spa

The same quality spas used in Resorts, Health Clubs and Hotels for years are now available to homeowners. Do not pay over $20,000 or settle for an inferior product. Affordable Spas will save you thousands of dollars. Engineered to combine power with economy and withstand many hours of continuous daily use, our swim spas will provide you with years of maintenance free service. All our Swim Spas are custom built, one at a time, by skilled craftsmen to meet each customer's needs. Whether an in-ground installation or self-contained above ground system, each of these spas can be configured as a swim spa, a therapy spa or a combination of both with our Fully Stocked model. Custom hardcover included.


You may upgrade these Spas with our Exclusive LED Lighting System, a MP3, I-Pod docking station or CD/AM/FM Stereo, with speakers. A Ozone Purification System, a Gas Heater, water falls, etc. Call for details.


At Affordable Spas, we offer you incredible service on your Swim Spa. We realize this is a large expense, and you want the biggest bang for your dollar. There are cheaper swim spas out there, but we want to point out that our Swim spas have a life time warranty structure. You can save money by buying a wood, but ours give you better insulation and an unbeatable warranty. Who wants to stain wood cabinets every year? We don’t! Just wash the no maintenance cabinet with a garden hose, and you’re done.

We can assist you on the process to put in your Swim spas. We have products all over the country, and we have even sold in Europe, UK, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland and more. Our goal is to give you the best possible customer service and product we can.

We can assist with the contractors that need to be picked. We are involved in getting you, a custom built Spa and the one that will meet your need for your project. Built for the specific size and specifications you need. If you want to keep your old equipment, we can assist you with that process. We can get you shipping quotes to save you money too. We work with you to find the right spa picked out for the right price and staying within budget.

We can customize how many jets, placement and more. We assist with chemical seminars on the phone to teach you water chemistry in the spa and how to care for the water too. So from Start to finish and beyond with the warranties, etc., we are there to serve you. We have what it takes. We are can do guys. Your trusted experts for the last 29 years!



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Rocky Mountain

90"W x 174"L x 52"H

Luxury Swimspa

Now you can have it all! Swim and then get a massage! All in the same place!

M.S.R.P. $25,395.00



If you are looking for luxury, you have come to the right place. This spa are for those who want the luxury of a great swim, followed by a relaxing hot tub.

  • Control Pack with Digital Top Side Control
  • 52 Sunblaster Stainless Steel Jets
  • 49 Therapy Jets
  • 3 River Jets
  • 2 Top Load Skim Filters
  • 4 5-HP Pumps = 2 regular / 2 Viper
  • 8 VGB Suctions
  • 22 LED Spots
  • 10 Laminar Waterspouts
  • 1 Corona Discharge Ozone
  • 7 Air Controls
  • 2 Diverters
  • 1 Stainless Steel Handrail
  • 1 Cascading Waterfall
  • 2 Waterspout Control Valves

This is the swimspa of your dreams: Call today to get pricing: so we can provide you with more information.


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New Just out!


93"W x 144"L x 52H

Contest Swimspa

This spa has room for your friends. Cheer each other on and then relax in the captain chair. This can also be a great place to have your friends come by and all sit and enjoy.

Avalanche, This Great Swim Spa is On Special this month!!
$11,995.00 plus Shipping and Crate Fee.
List is $14,995,00


If you are looking for competition or to party, this is the swimspa for you. Your friends can relax with you or cheer you on. There is plenty of room for all of it.

  • Control Pack With Digital Top Side Control
  • 30 Sunblaster Stainless Steel Jets
  • 2 Top Load Skim Filters
  • 2 5-HP Pumps
  • 4 VGB Suctions
  • 28 Pinpoint LED Lights Throughout
  • 10 Laminar Waterspouts
  • 1 Corona Discharge Ozone
  • 4 Waterspout LED
  • 1 Main LED Light
  • iPod Docking Station with Pop-Up Speakers
  • 6 Air Controls
  • 2 Diverters
  • Pillows Installed
    1 Waterspout Control Valve
  • 4 Waterway Swim Jets

so we can provide you with more information.


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Our special sale price is $16,995.00



14' 7" x 8' 1", 53" Deep, 2000 gallons.
2250 lbs. Shipping Weight, 18,670 lbs. Filled Weight

SWIM MASTER, click for blow-up

Click Here for Blow Up of Swim Master Combo


This Commercial Grade Spa is now available for residential installations.

Standard equipment on the Fully Stocked Swim Master include: Quiet, Powerful and Energy Efficient commercial grade 56 Frame Pump motors. Two Dual-Speed 5 hp pumps for the Therapy Jet system and Two Dual-Speed 5hp pumps for the Swim Jet system, our exclusive 200 sq. foot Pure Water 100% filtration system, the top of the line Digital Control Center, a high output ozone generator. A stainless steel 11 kw pool heater (150,000 BTU Gas heater optional), Synthetic Cabinet and ABS bottom, availabe in Redwood, Mahagony, or Gray Slate colors. LED Lighting system with 24 spots and 2 LED waterfalls. Pillows in bucket seats. A 4"-2" tapered hard cover with locks and handles.

Sold Elsewhere at up to $22,000.00
We have great Swim Spa Prices!

The 2000 gallon SWIM MASTER Combo Spa has a 4' 5" deep end which provides you with maximum swimming capacity. Fully stocked, the SWIM MASTER is equipped with both the 4 High Volume Turbo-Thrust Swim-Jet systems and the 23 Hydro-Jet Therapy system all in one Value-Added package. We install 4 high volume Turbo-Thrust swim jets with diverter valves so that you control the flow and the intensity of your workout. The therapy package includes 10 Luxury Cyclone Roto Jets, 9 Luxury Cyclone Pulsator Jets, 4 Micro Cyclone Jets and 14 Air Blower Injection Jets for the ultimate in cool-down therapy and relaxation after your workout.

We also build this spa in just the swim package or just the therapy package. At your request, we can also build the portable SWIM MASTER in any custom configuration to meet your individual needs, in-ground and custom setup available.

Fully Stocked, Buy this week!

Sold Elsewhere at up to $22,000.00

Fully Loaded Deluxe Model buy this week for $16,995.00

    New Options for Swim Spas

Rowing Exercise Kit. $495.00
Resistance Tether Kit. $350.00
MP3 Dock Transducer Audio System $299.00
Deluxe AM/FM/CD/ MP3 Transducer Audio System with Floating Remote. $599.00
Cover Mate II Extension bars for Cover. $295.00 each
Swim Spa Steps. $515.00
11 KW Heater upgrade $695.00
Swim Lane Jets (6 Each Side added) $350.00
Badu Stream Jet System UPGRADE $2,695.00


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15'7" x 8' 1", 53" Deep
Lots of FUN!

Grand Cayman Swim Spa

Grand Cayman Swim Spa

Our largest and deepest swim spa.

Loaded with all the bell and whistles.

for additional options.



The Grand Cayman

The serious swimmer’s dream delight! Over 15 1/2 feet long, with dual BaduStream swim jets and the unique Swim Lane System of side jets, the Grand Cayman is tailor-made for the swimming enthusiast. The BaduStream jets create currents from a gentle flow - perfect for water jogging and resistance exercises - up to a 400 GPM rush that will give serious recreational swimmers a chance to really let out their stroke. After a good swim, relax with a soothing massage in one of the two multi-jet Captain’s Chairs at the spa end

• 15' 7" x 8' 1" x 53" • 15 massage jets • 16 swim lane side jets • 2 BADU Stream Swim Jets • 2-5HP Massage Pumps (Dual Speed) • 4HP Speck Swim Pump • Controls • Ozonator • Dual Lights • 200,000 BTU Gas Heater Available

This spa has a lot of bang for the buck!

M.S.R.P. $23,995.00 Huge sale this month!

$19,593.00 Buy Today, Save Money!

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89 1/4” x 169” x 53” Deep
Lots of FUN!

Grand Cayman II Swim Spa

Grand Cayman II Swim Spa

for additional options. 


The Grand Cayman II

This awesome Swim Spa is really three spas in one... a powerful 4 jet waterway workout machine and a 48 Hydro-Jet 5 seat Therapy Spa complete with the exclusive Sunbelt Wave Machine ™. These two zones are separated by a clear removable wall that allows both zones to be used at the same time. Each zone is complete with its own perfect temperature and water jet settings. Independent Heating & Filtration System

VS501 Control Pack & Digital Top Side control

4 Waterway Swim Jets

2-2Spd 5HP Pumps

C.D. Ozone Injection System

4 High Volume Suctions (200 GPM)

4 Air Controls

M.S.R.P. $26,990.00

Bargain Price This Month: $20,993.00



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This spa is loaded!! 156 JETS!!
8' x 12', 41" Deep, 750 gallons

Grand Canyon



The Grand Canyon II
Lounge Seating 2, Wave Seating 4, Massage Seats 10
Air Jets / Blower HP 14 / 1.5
Aromatherapy Standard
Water Pump - 5 HP / 2 Speed
Ozone Injector Standard
Number of Pumps - 4
and 2 Waterfalls!!

Four 5hp pumps, 156 jets

for incredible pricing.


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Aspen Mountain


for Pricing & Shipping


The information below is for both the Aspen Mountain and Winter Park


8' wide x 12' 5" long x 5' deep
8' wide x 16' 5" long x 5' deep
2300 lbs. (12ft.)
2700 lbs. (16ft.)
1000 Gallons (12ft.)
1300 Gallons (16ft.)
35 Jets
4 Jets
3 - 6HP Pumps
Hardwired 230V 60 Amp


These pictures are for both the 12' and 16' Swimspas


• Sterling Silver
• Mocha Cabinet
• 35 Jet Hydro Therapy System
• Hydro Therapy Neck Massage
• 3 - 6 hp Motors
• 2 High Flow Swim Jets / Adjustable controls for each jet (For beginner or expert)
• Lit Fountains
• 4 Swim Lane Jets
• 5” Power Adjustable diverter Jet / Directs to different areas on the spa side
• Sparkling 19 Perimeter LED Lights
• Ozone Water Management system
• Gecko Equipment system
• Deluxe Dual Fold Cover 5” x 3” Tapper
• Dual 5” Main Led Light
• Dual 50 Sq. Ft Filters

Optional Features

• Pro Swim Sound System / include 4 speakers, Mp3, Powered Sub-Woofer
• Row kit / with Pro Swim Anchors
• 36” Portable Step
• 36” Stainless Steel Grab Rail
• Blue Tooth Enable

Winter Park


for Pricing & Shipping



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You save thousands of dollars when you cut out the middleman by buying factory direct.
We will help to arrange the shipping and we will not mark up the freight costs as local dealers do. Your spa will be insured against shipping damage. There are a couple things you need to do on your end to get ready for your new spa.
(I) You need a strong level surface to securely set your spa. A 2000-gallon spa will weigh about 19,000 lbs. Consult a contractor regarding your zoning requirements if applicable. They can advise you on deck or cement slab construction options.

(II) You will need a licensed electrician to install up to two (2) 60-amp 220 volt GFI breakers and connect two four-wire power cables to the equipment control box.

(III) Finally, getting the spa off the truck and to its foundation is your job too. Check your yellow pages for local movers or crane operators. Many home moving companies are experienced in moving spas too. The freight company will assist you with scheduling the arrival time so that your movers can meet them. The driver will not move the spa.


(IV) Inspect your spa before moving it. Note any damage on the bill of lading and call us immediately.


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This is a picture of us standing in a Swim Spa. Our president is standing in the middle between Matt and Kim, Bill, in the red shirt is 6'4" tall. You can see how BIG these spas really are!


The world can be a really calm place in your Affordable Spa.

One of the best ways to get good exercise is swimming. One method used today is the Swim Spa. A combination of both swimming and relaxing all in one area. Imagine being able to go for a swim and then relax in your own hot tub. Or warm up you muscles first in the hot tub and then go for a long swim. The capability to swim and hot tub in one area is truly a wonderful concept.

If you enjoy swimming as your exercise and would like to do it all year round, consider a swim spa. Even in the coldest of winters you can have an outdoor swim that will be as exhilarating as swimming in a pool. Plus you can either warm up ahead of time, or simply relax after your swim, and just enjoy the hot tub.

A swim spa is combination that utilizes the least amount of space that allows you to both swim and hot tub all in the same area. There are jets that shoot water at you that allow you to swim with any stroke you choose in the same place. You can swim as gentle or as hard as you like. The swim spa allows you to enjoy a long swim and then relax.

The jets shoot out a stream of water that allows you to swim and yet remain in the same area. This allows you to go at a pace that you enjoy and get the exercise that you want.

The other advantage to swim spas is having a therapy capability in your own yard. You can have low impact exercises. For example, running is under water is a great low impact exercise. It doesn’t stress the joints. You can also do aerobics in the water. Add some elastic bands and you can do some strength exercises to swim or hot tub exercise regime.

The swim spa is great for therapy such as arthritis control, helping with injuries and the recovery process. Plus you can get the added benefit of losing weight. It is possible to use a small kayak for training and exercise along with other potential sports activities.
The point is, having and a water treadmill like a swim spa is a great addition to your lifestyle. Consider getting one today and calling Affordable Spas for more information on Swim Spas and what they can do for you.


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