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Sales Terms and Conditions - Release Form


I, _____________________________, agree that due to the custom nature of the products produced by Affordable Spas:
  1. Production and delivery dates are best estimates and subject to change.
  2. Customer is responsible for freight charges and will pay driver by cash or check at time of delivery.
  3. Affordable Spas will assist customer to obtain written freight quotes prior to shipment. Customer will notify Affordable Spas or assigned freight company of any local road hazards that could adversely impact the safety of the freight or driver and/or would not permit delivery in a full size 18 wheel moving van. I.E.: Dirt roads, tight turns, low or narrow bridges or roads, etc.
  4. If necessary, Affordable Spas will contact you by phone, fax, or email to advise you of schedule delays caused by parts or components, manufacturers, suppliers, shippers, weather, other unknown delays and Acts of God, and revise your estimated delivery date.
  5. The customer is responsible for hiring movers or a crane service to move, the spa from the truck to its foundation.
  6. Unless otherwise noted on the sales contract, the driver will not move your spa.
  7. The customer will inspect the spa for shipping damage prior to moving it from the truck, alert the driver, note the damage on the bill of lading and have the driver call in a damage report.
  8. Affordable Spas may upgrade spa parts or components at will and will notify you if significant changes are made.
  9. A non-refundable deposit of one half of the total amount on the original invoice is required at the time of sale.
  10. The Balance is due upon completion of the Spa and prior to loading the spa for shipment at the manufacturers.

    All Sales are Final and Deposits are Non-Refundable.


I understand and agree to the above Sales Terms and Conditions. My signature authorizes Affordable Spas & Hot Tubs, Inc. to schedule the production of my spa.



Customer Signature: ________________________________ Purchase Date: _____________________



Spa Setup Information – Warranty Activation


    • I/We, the undersigned, acknowledge that the personnel at Affordable Spas & Hot Tubs, Inc. have explained in depth the possible equipment damage and fire danger of running a spa without the proper water level, “Dry Firing of the heating system will void the warranty”.
    • Affordable Spas provided an owners manual with the spa containing warranty information and instructions regarding safe and proper spa setup and operation.
    • I/WE also acknowledge that Affordable Spas has offered and suggested professional installation, which is available at this time.
    • I/We understand it is imperative that the entire spa be supported completely. The base support system must be properly built to insure all warranties.
    • Affordable Spas recommends hiring licensed contractors to install the spa. I/We have installed the spa Base and Electrical, assume full responsibility and hold Affordable Spas harmless for any consequential damage due to improper installation.
    • I/We understand that there may be additional setup requirements or local building codes that apply to our spa’s installation or costs.
    • I/We have read our owners manual prior to setup and complied with all setup requirements completely.
    • I/We understand that failure to follow the owners manual setup and operating procedures may cause serious bodily injury and void the spa warranty.


    I/We have read our warranty information, completed and mailed the Warranty Activation form.


    Customer Signature: ________________________________ Delivery Date: _____________________


    Purchase Date: _____________________ Invoice Number: ________________________




    Completion and Satisfaction Acknowledgment


    My signature below hereby certifies all goods and services contracted for and represented by the retail installment contract between Affordable Spas & Hot Tubs, Inc. and me have been delivered. This sales agreement has been completed in full, and to my entire satisfaction.


    Customer Signature: ________________________________ Delivery Date: _____________________




    Affordable Spas & Hot Tubs, Inc.




    Processing Your Order


    Thank you for choosing to purchase your new spa from Affordable Spas. To process your order as quickly as possible, we now need you to print this page, approve the sale by signing only the top section above at this time, Sales Terms and Conditions - Release Form, and fax or mail it to us at Affordable Spas.


    The remaining two sections will need to be signed and mailed to us along with your warranty card once you receive your spa.


    Again, thank you for your purchase,
    Your Affordable Spas Family

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